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Another year in the books

2013 Rhythm N Bruise was an amazing event. The riders, judges, sponsors and crew came together to make a super fun time for all. This years course was challenging but there were a few riders that made it look easy.

Thanks to everyone that made the event possible!!

Below are the results for 2013 Rhythm N Bruise. See you next year!!!


Mini Shred (9 and under)
1 Owen Cline
2 Cannon Cummins

1 Mac Malkoski
2 Frank Besselo
3 Chad Carlson

Younger Am Men (13-17)
1 Austin Buza
2 Milo Malkoski
3 DJ Elliot

Older Am Men (18-29)
1 Jack Scanlan
2 Joey Carnera
3 Phil Thomas

Expert Men (30-39)
1 Curtis Stevens
2 Tom Smith
3 Kris Melton

Cruisers (40+)
1 Johan Malkoski
2 Mike Cummins
3 Jason Cline

Pro Men
1 Harry Kearney
2 Dustin Anderson
3 Jerry Mark

Younger Am Women
1 Isabella Gomez
2 Brittany Williamson

Older Am Women
1 Brianna Stoutenburg
2 Priscilla Stutz
3 Mia Abbett

Pro Women
1 Sara Howe
2 Kirsten Lee


Day 2 of the 2013 build

Day 2 of the 2013 build

Here’s a chunk of what we created yesterday. Looking good.


Day 1 section

Day 1 section


Day 1 progress

Day 1 progress

dotting i’s

Yep, it’s on now. Physical action for RnB will begin this weekend with the course popping up throughout this coming week. Don’t show up early though, the ski area is closed and the course is definitely closed..until Saturday at 8:45 when the mayhem begins.

Just two short weeks…

All the ducks are in a row. What can be handled has been, we’re just in a holding pattern waiting for the build days. Keep your eyes peeled for information outlining all the news, details and registration info as we edge closer to the event dates. See you at WhitePass on the 27th.

RNB M.C. Jesse Burtner!

We are pumped to announce that Jesse Burtner will be the RnB M.C. at this years event! Hopefully he’ll find time to take a few laps too… thanks Jesse!