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Another year in the books

2013 Rhythm N Bruise was an amazing event. The riders, judges, sponsors and crew came together to make a super fun time for all. This years course was challenging but there were a few riders that made it look easy.

Thanks to everyone that made the event possible!!

Below are the results for 2013 Rhythm N Bruise. See you next year!!!


Mini Shred (9 and under)
1 Owen Cline
2 Cannon Cummins

1 Mac Malkoski
2 Frank Besselo
3 Chad Carlson

Younger Am Men (13-17)
1 Austin Buza
2 Milo Malkoski
3 DJ Elliot

Older Am Men (18-29)
1 Jack Scanlan
2 Joey Carnera
3 Phil Thomas

Expert Men (30-39)
1 Curtis Stevens
2 Tom Smith
3 Kris Melton

Cruisers (40+)
1 Johan Malkoski
2 Mike Cummins
3 Jason Cline

Pro Men
1 Harry Kearney
2 Dustin Anderson
3 Jerry Mark

Younger Am Women
1 Isabella Gomez
2 Brittany Williamson

Older Am Women
1 Brianna Stoutenburg
2 Priscilla Stutz
3 Mia Abbett

Pro Women
1 Sara Howe
2 Kirsten Lee


One response

  1. kdevolee

    So much fun, I can’t wait for next year to see what you create.

    May 1, 2013 at 12:08 am

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