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It’s happening… I promise.

Welp, my intention is to post pictures of the course as it becomes reality but we’ve had some really poor visibility and pictures, at this point, will just not do justice. As soon as we have a glimmer of visible sky I’ll do what I can to convey some visual communication.

In the mean time, here’s where we’re at;

The course is starting higher on the hill a bit. There are 3 sections of course (connected by two berms) that is all ABOVE where last years course started. The upper section is fast with LONG BIG berms and some really really fun rollers and doubles and a bird bath thing and..well…you’ll see. Last years start mound is a spiraling berm that leads into a triple set of true tables and another left hand berm. From there we’re going to follow a similar path through the bottom section with a little different twist.

In simple terms the course is longer, bigger and better but with really fun and functional B-line ride-arounds.

The crew is having a great time creating a fantasy course that is what snowboard dreams are made of.

PICTURES COMING AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!!! check back regularly.



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