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Hello moto

Yesterday the build for RnB 2012 began. It was 79° and the backs of my hands are sunburnt. We worked until dark; unfortunately I didn’t take time in the middle of the day to capture an image or two of what has been affectionately deemed the “matter horn”. Pun intended. The course starts with a really fun drop-in to step-down. The matterhorn is a tall (20′?? I don’t know…large) berm that will send riders back across the canyon to a second sweeping berm. This is where we left off for the day, and this is where the tranny-to-tranny features will begin. Right now the weather is not exactly ideal for photography but if we do get a ray of light I will try to capture the moment.

FYI Junior Varsity riders: don’t be intimidated by the LOOK of the course from the road! There are fun and functional b-line features that will bypass the gaps and things that you need to warm up for.

The weather for this weekend looks good!



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