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Update regarding what to expect

I’ve talked to a number of  buddies in the past couple days about their thoughts on this years RnB event turnout. Everyone seems super excited and there’s a lot of buzz. My guess is that there will be a solid representation of Northwest riders with a number of groups from the west coast and even a rare party from the land of the rising sun. People are asking questions about the course and wondering what the event will be like compared to last year.

The course will be bigger, better and more of what you came to love in 2011. in case you  didn’t realize that February had an extra day this year , 2012 is a leap year and that will be evident when you see the course. We’ve got an amazing  crew that is inspired to make something that we are all proud of. In addition, we’ll be implementing “b line” ride-arounds for all of the gap features so that less seasoned riders can be comfortable warming up to the course.

Like last season, the first day will be open practice.  On April 28th the course will be wide open to every entrant. All you’ll need to get on course is a bib. We’ll open her up at 11am and an open practice will be held until at least 3pm. We’ll clean up the course following practice so that it is polished and ready for the judged event Sunday. Sunday April 29th will start off with a quick rider meeting at 9am at which contest heat times will be announced so you’ll know when your heat is.  The heats are an hour long, the first will be at 10am. So for day two, entrants will have just one hour to be on course. MAKE THE MOST OF THE PRACTICE DAY! As soon as the last heat is over on Sunday the judges will have a quick meeting and we’ll quickly get to the awards.

There is going to be an opportunity to save money on lift tickets and entry. Check back today for the online discount info. Whether you register online or in person, you’ll need to go to event registration in the WhitePass day lodge to get your bib.

If you have questions please fire them off.

We’re getting close. People are pumped. See you there.


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