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Rhythm N Bruise 2011 results!!

Results are in!! Thanks to all the competitors for showing up and making this event what it is!!!

PRO MEN  1st Kent Callister 2nd Austin Hironaka 3rd Ben Hammer 4th Brice Niebuhr 5th Hunter Burks

PRO WOMEN 1st Carrie Uren 2nd Mia Abbett 3rd Hannah Hammer

CRUISERS (40+) 1st Johan Malkoski 2nd Mike Cummins 3rd Dave Wray 4th Bryan Rushforth

EXPERTS (30-39) 1st Kris Melton 2nd Travis Thompson 3rd Matt Roder 4th Tate Vasey

AM1 (18-29) 1st Cory Elliff 2nd Mikey Swearingen 3rd Jesse Gouveia 4th Justin Packard 5th Kraemer Rickman

Am2 (13-17) 1st Jacob Krugmire 2nd Connelly Brooks 3rd Vaughan Gilmore 4th Noah Staley

GROM 1st Milo Malkoski 2nd Seth Berry

SKI 1st Jesse Thrasher 2nd Casey Cannon 3rd Zach Mahre 4th Tyler Forman


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